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Jackie  Wendt COTA

located in  Crystal Lake, IL  

Jackie  Wendt, COTA
About Jackie Wendt, COTA

Jackie is a dedicated and compassionate pediatric certified occupational therapist assistant (COTA) with a deep commitment to nurturing the well-being of children. With a foundation in childcare and a profound love for fostering positive development in young minds, Jackie has channeled her passion into a career specializing in pediatric occupational therapy.
In her journey, she has honed her expertise since 2015, becoming a distinguished practitioner in the following areas:

• Emotional regulation
• Sensory integration
• Autism
• Motor sequencing/planning
• Executive functioning
• Floortime therapy
• Fine motor skills
• Handwriting skills
• Self-care
• Early intervention provider

Jackie believes that the cornerstone of human existence lies in fostering meaningful connections and relationships. She is dedicated to nurturing these essential elements, viewing them as integral to the flourishing of individuals within the precious gift of life.

Jackie's unwavering commitment is to ensure every family she works with feels not only valued but truly heard. She approaches her work with a dedication to being fully "present" in every moment, delivering her utmost care and attention. She eagerly anticipates the opportunity to meet you and your child/children, ready to embark on a shared journey of growth and well-being.