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Speech Therapy

Pediatric Therapy Clinic Specializing in Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapies, offering Mental Health Services and Autism Diagnostic Testing in Crystal Lake, IL

Speech Therapy services offered in Crystal Lake, IL

At Pediatric POST, our speech-language pathologists offer comprehensive and individualized care to children and adolescents who experience challenges with feeding, swallowing, language, fluency, speech-sound production and pragmatic skills. Call the office today or schedule an appointment online to book a speech therapy session.


Speech Therapy Q&A

What is speech therapy?

Speech therapy provides care and support for individuals with difficulty communicating or articulating. The techniques the team practices at Pediatric POST help children develop comprehension, fluency, and annunciation skills to communicate with others confidently. 

As a play-based clinic, the practice creates a fun, inviting environment for children with speech impediments and communication disorders.

What types of concerns can speech therapy address?

The providers at Pediatric POST use speech therapy to address many disorders that affect speech and communication, such as:


Fluency disorders

Fluency disorders interfere with the flow of speech. Stuttering is the most common example. Children who stutter may repeat words or syllables when speaking.


Articulation disorders

Articulation disorders affect how words sound, such as substituting the word “yellow” for “lellow.”


Swallowing disorders

Swallowing disorders make it difficult to swallow food comfortably. These disorders are a safety risk for children, as they can cause choking or coughing.


Voice disorders

Voice disorders can impact the volume or pitch of your child’s voice, causing hoarseness, discomfort, or a soft, tight voice.

Are there different speech therapy techniques?

The team at Pediatric POST can incorporate multiple techniques into your child’s speech therapy, including:


Cognitive-communication therapy

Cognitive-communication therapy focuses on developing problem-solving and abstract thinking skills.


Articulation activities

Articulation therapy uses games and interactive activities to help children correctly pronounce words and sounds.


Voice therapy

During voice therapy, the team uses breathing exercises, role play, and vocal warm-ups to improve the quality, volume, and pitch of your child’s voice.


Music therapy

Music therapy can help children improve their verbal communication and cognitive abilities through singing, memorizing lyrics, and rhythmic activities.


Swallowing therapy

Swallowing therapy involves a broad range of activities and exercises to strengthen the jaw and tongue, improve the range of motion in the upper body, and improve sensory stimulation.

What are the benefits of speech therapy?

Speech therapy offers many benefits for children struggling with speech, language, and articulation disorders. This type of therapy can:

  • Enhance speech clarity
  • Reduce stuttering
  • Increase vocabulary and language
  • Improve swallowing
  • Enhance the pitch or volume of the voice

Speech therapy also improves your child’s social skills by boosting their confidence when communicating with others.

Call Pediatric POST today or schedule an appointment online to learn more about speech therapy.